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Access Control Systems

Access Control systems can be provided for a single door or for an apartment block/complex consisting of social housing multiple dwellings.

Access Control 1.PNG

HV Digital can provide a system that can include:

  • Audio-only handsets or Mono/ Colour 

Handsets with speech and screen facilities that residents can verify or view who the caller is at the main entrance of the block and then release the lock on the entrance doors and allow access to their visitors.

  • Access control for residents 

Each apartment can be provided by a standalone system or a PC-based system with software to manage the distribution of fobs to the residents. Where there is the need to manage a large complex of apartments or for local councils with large estates across the borough, there is the need to have a managed system with access fob administration on a dedicated PC and software located within a control room or on-site in a secure location.

  • Concierge Desk 

Visitors to the apartment complex may call the concierge desk for deliveries or after being unable to speak to a resident—the concierge can authorise access to the complex. The Concierge will also be able to communicate with all residents’ apartments and vice versa with residents’ communication to the concierge desk. The concierge desk will have a desk-mounted video monitor to view the main entrance.

  • IP Video Entry 

It is an ideal system in large residential complexes that have a high number of residents, as the cabling element is vastly reduced as all video entry devices are connected to the LAN (local area network). By providing the LAN - it is not only the video entry system that can be connected, but also CCTV and access control.

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