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AV Entertainment Systems

High Vision Digital can provide professional AV Installations for your residential or commercial needs, from bespoke Audio systems to state-of-the-art TV systems.



High Vision Digital are here to support you on your next audio-visual project


If you have a multi-room system with multiple zones of TVs or Music, we can Install a centralised hub that holds all the connected equipment, such as the AV receiver for the Dolby Home Cinema, Sky Q boxes, UHD 4K Blu-Ray player and Apple TV that can all be distributed to all the TVs in the home using a state of the art video over IP or a HDMI Matrice system. Plus the Multi-Room Audio system allows you to combine multiple rooms to play your favourite playlist or to play Individual music in different room zones.


And then with a smart remote control for every room, you can control multiple sources individually.


We also can provide a robust Wi-Fi network from either Draytek or Ubiquiti that will allow all your devices to work seamlessly. HV Digital will deliver a custom AV solution for all of your AV requirements.

AV work we undertake, but are not limited to;

HDMI High-Definition TV distribution

IPTV (Video over IP)

Home Cinema

AV over CAT5/6

HD base IP distribution

TV Mounts, supplied and Installed (LED/ LCD Screens & projectors)

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